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Arhe-astronomical study of rock sanctuary near Mt Tsarev
Archaeological Study of Peak Kara Kaya - Western Rhodope
Arhe-astronomical study of rock sanctuary near Mt Tsarev
Altar of the renaissance church with dragons below the cross, village Kovachevitsa - Western Rhodope
Study of ancient necropolis in the traditional cherkovishte St. Elias - Western Rhodope
Study of visual connection between the Thracian sanctuaries in the Western Rhodopes and Pirin
Study of megalithic archway near the village Eleshnitsa, Western Rhodopes
Study of megalithic altars in Bendishka River - South Rila
Study of the megalithic sanctuary gates Tsarevo - Western Rhodope
Study of folk music in the village Dobarsko - South Rila
Study of the Thracian sanctuary near Mt Tsarev
Research team in the village m.Nebush Eleshnitsa, Western Rhodopes
The research team in the rock sanctuary of Mount Babyashka hammer - Western Rhodope
The research team at St George church - Kovachevitsa, Western Rhodopes
Ethno wedding attire from the village Lower - Western Rhodope
The reading of the altars of rock in the river Bendishka
Filling victims lamb - in the Rhodopes - village Dolen, Western Rhodopes
Kovachevitsa - Western Rhodope